Sunday, April 26, 2015

Forever homes

Our little pups have found their forever homes!

I like that our humane society posts photos with the family when they adopt them. 

Have a fantastic Sunday! I plan on gardening and sewing after church!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ohio Sampler

Here's a few more blocks from the Ohio Sampler.

 Oak Leaf adn Reel

 Ohio Star
Bear paw
 I'm going to add some embroidery this weekend.
 My primitive little lamb from the original quilt.
Here they are all together. A funky mix, for sure!

You can see more blocks at KAREN'S, LUANN'S, CATHY'S, and NANCY's.

And this is what I'm instagramming this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ten Reasons I Quilt

I was asked to share a little something about my quilting at "Girls Night Out" which is an outreach ministry. I've never been before but thought, Yea, why not? Last night was my presentation. A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I could share in about 20 minutes. I thought 10 reasons I quilt giving me about 2 minutes per reason showing a quilt. It worked out great and I thought I'd share some of it here. (not all of these photos came from last nights talk, but these are the quilts I shared)

I started by showing my first quilt and letting them know how I got started. (1993!)

And in no particular order:
For friendship: A Round Robin

To Commemorate: My Jubilee Quilt

To Commemorate: Our trip to Denmark

Mental Therapy: A project to work on while at my dad's bedside in his last few months.

Raise Awareness: Alzheimer's Art Quilt initiative. I donated and sold all of my little quilts, but brought Juliann's that I had purchased and told them about the project.

Recreate History:

Challenge Myself: 
To Decorate:
For Warmth:

For comfort:  The woman who asked me to speak was the woman I made this quilt for with her husbands shirts.  When she was introducing me she told them what that quilt means to her. It was special.
The Spirit Moves You:
I ended with this quilt I put the binding on a couple weeks ago. The fabric has the words Love More and I had decided I would give her to the woman I went to Guatemala with. We shared something special and feel like I learned to "Love More" with her.

I totally caught her off guard, but it was a perfect way to end the presentation.

I think speaking in front of people got me ready to do that in a few weeks at the guild workshop and lecture. 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Doll Quilt Swap- Update

I've changed the mail date to be May 30th. There are several quilters heading to Paducah or Nantes for quilt shows that I want to make sure they get a chance to sign up if they want.
Even though you won't have your person's name for another week, it is Civil War repros, so no reason not to get started if you want. I've just drawn my quilt out on Electric Quilt and am going to go make a test block.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Doll Quilt Swap 2

My received quilt from Pia 
Last March I hosted a doll swap and as far as I was concerned it was a huge success! There were 60+ participants and only one complaint of a poorly constructed quilt.

I'm going to start with this: If this ONE person signs up, I will tell you that you were the one that did a crappy job on your quilt. It isn't fair when you receive a quilt with lots of thought and care but you give something very disappointing.
This workmanship is not acceptable. 

Here's the rules:

24" x 24" or smaller. (It doesn't have to be square), Civil War reproductions, a label, with a deadline of mailing by May 30th.  

If you cannot (for whatever reason) send international please let me know.

If you are interested please send me your full name, mailing address and if you do NOT want an international partner.   
I will send you your swap partner soon. 

You do not need to have a blog to participate, but I would prefer if I know you or you are a regular commenter on my blog.



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